Bay Area Homes - Spotlight on San Francisco Edwardians

November 15, 2022

The Noble Edwardian

There is little doubt you have come across the term Edwardian or Victorian when reading descriptions of San Francisco real estate. While Victorian whimsy and fantasy dominate the mind-share and discussion around real estate in our fair city, the fact is there are more Edwardian homes left standing than their Victorian counterparts following the 1906 earthquake, subsequent fires and rebuilding.

A Brief History of Edwardian Homes

We use the term ‘brief history’ judiciously as Edwardian architecture falls into a distinct 9 year timeframe between 1901 and 1910. The style is considered to have continued for an additional 10 years ending with the death of King Edward VII in 1920. However Victorians go deep into the 1800’s through to 1900 and a bit beyond.

Architectural Style Of Edwardians

The Edwardian home is defined by solid construction, big airy rooms, and millroom detailing throughout. In comparison to the Victorian style, Edwardian’s tend towards larger more elegant rooms, lower ceilings with a focus on symmetry and monumentality. Generally, Edwardian houses were painted lighter colors and featured less complex ornamental patterns, both inside and out. 

Living In An Edwardian Today

San Francisco Edwardian home owners get to enjoy living in a simple, efficient, and well designed floor plan. Storage and closet space tends towards the larger size. The rooms are embellished with millwork in the form of molding, corbels, and medallions.

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Take a look below, at a great Edwardian listing located in San Francisco’s Central Richmond District.

Edwardian Splendor in the Richmond
480 15th Avenue

3 Bedroom Home + Sunroom | 2 Baths + Bonus Apartment

Listed at: $1,998,000 | Click here to learn more:

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