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August 20, 2020

The more time I spend at home socially distanced the more time I have to think about my real estate family and fellow agents. Becoming a real estate agent was a second (or third) career for me as it was for many of my peers.


I am reminded how one agent turned to me and said “you need to learn more about the Forest Hill neighborhood” and promptly took me in her car and dedicated the next few hours to driving me around and sharing her experiences and knowledge. We were not best friends. Only colleagues. She simply wanted to help me become a better agent. This was back in the late 1980’s but has been my continued experience over the last 30 years.  

There is a dedication and heart that so many of my colleagues exhibit regardless of what may be going on in their personal lives. My fellow agents are incredible and I want to take this moment to say, THANK YOU. Some of these examples are extreme but in the time of Covid I feel we have to be real, be grateful, and be kind.


Memorably, Carren called an agent to schedule an inspection for one of her clients on a property we had just ratified. The agent answered quickly, took down the information but sounded distracted. Carren noted her distance and asked what was going on. This dedicated agent responded that she was in the emergency room at General Hospital with her husband who had just suffered a heart attack. She was still answering work calls.


These thoughts are on top of mind because a recent negotiation was going awkwardly and terms were not being covered clearly. There was lots of miscommunication even though the agent was trying to handle everything independently. Several days later I found out this agent had a terminal diagnosis. Despite which the agent was personally wrapping up loose ends for her client before she had to pass off the work to someone else. During her precious last few days, she wanted to make sure her client was taken care of.

I am so touched and reminded of the endless acts of kindness my fellow agents have done for me and their clients over the years.  I see many agents putting the welfare of their clients ahead of their own welfare always.

Agents are amazing.

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