5 Surprising Things To Know About Living in San Francisco's SOMA District

April 16, 2024

5 Surprising Things To Know About Living in San Francisco's SOMA District

5 Surprising Things To Know About Living in San Francisco's SoMa District 

Only 5 you ask? There certainly are more but let’s keep this bite size so can get on with your busy day. If you become intrigued by one of the coolest neighborhoods in San Francisco, check out this chic split-level condo for sale. A rare opportunity on the market for the first time since the building was built in 1992.

How did SoMa get its name? Simply put, it stands for South of Market. Interestingly, this was not always its name. Over 100 years ago it was “South of the Slot”. Slot, referring to the tram lines running down San Francisco’s Market St thoroughfare. Something akin to ‘South of the Tracks’. After the 1906 earthquake and redevelopment, residents started using the moniker “South of Market”, or SoMa which continues today. 

So please embark on a journey with us through the vibrant streets of San Francisco's SoMa district as we uncover five surprising facts that make living in this dynamic neighborhood an experience like no other.


You are going to get more visitors

Located in the very heart of San Francisco, SoMa has become a hub for local concert venues, dining, nightlife, and entertainment. Living close to these venues will certainly increase your appeal amongst those drawn to these venues. Not only that, it is home to Yerba Buena, the Museum of Modern Art, the Chase Center, and Oracle Park. Think pre-dinner activities, post-party hangouts, or tailgating from the comfort of your home. Be prepared to enjoy the advantages of friends and visitors coming to you!

SoMa is much larger than you thought

SoMa is huge. Stretching all the way from Embarcadero and the waterfront docks past 10th St to the Mission. It encapsulates a number of smaller sub-divisions such as Rincon Hill, South Beach, and Yerba Buena. Each street has its own energy and rhythm.

To determine if any neighborhood is right for you, we recommend you visit the location multiple times and at different times of the week for a personal sense of its rhythm and flow - especially if you plan on making it home. Luckily SoMa is blessed with fantastic BART, MUNI, and freeway access, so if you ever need to leave getting around couldn’t be easier.v

You Might Gain Weight 

Not really, but there sure is good food. Steps from our office location lies the Marlow an esteemed burger joint. Don’t skip on the Brussel sprout chips or the fries. For a modern flare on Indian cuisine head to 333 Brannan St to ROOH. Splurge at Californios high-end Mexican dining, or the Niku Steakhouse to name a few. At the same time, the farmer’s market is nearby, and a choice of shopping options from Whole Foods to Costco to serve all your needs. 

You Will Lose Weight

Well that doesn’t make sense, considering the food, but on the flip side, SOMA is a San Francisco biker’s and walker’s paradise. Depending on the location in SoMa Hayes Valley, Alamo Square, and Mission Dolores are all within reach. If you would like to support safe walking in San Francisco, please take a moment to check out and support great organizations like WalkSF.org. 

Even more becomes accessible when hitting the pavement on two wheels. With bike lanes aplenty and flat terrain, cycling becomes not just a mode of transportation but a way of life for SoMa residents. So, while you indulge in the culinary delights of the neighborhood, you can also stay fit and active.

SoMa Is So Convenient

San Francisco is lucky to have a robust public transportation system but not all neighborhoods are created equal. Living close to where you work and play has a huge impact on quality of life and commuting can take its toll. As the saying goes, time is money and San Francisco’s SoMa district can certainly save its residents a lot of time.

If you're intrigued by the ease of lifestyle within San Francisco's SoMa district don't miss out on the chance to explore properties for sale in SoMa and be sure to take a tour of 7 Hallam 1A while you can. We’d be happy to help.

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