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9 Spring Cleaning Tips that Actually Prep Your House For Sale

March 6, 2024

9 Spring Cleaning Tips that Actually Prep Your House For Sale

9 Spring Cleaning Tips that Actually Prep Your House For Sale

Spring has arrived, signaling the perfect time to spruce your living spaces! For homeowners gearing up to sell their property, spring cleaning holds even greater significance, as it’s the first step towards new beginnings, staging, and making your home shine for a successful sale. 

Effective home staging not only accelerates the selling process but also enhances the likelihood of receiving attractive offers. First-impression matter. Whether you're equipped with ample time for a thorough cleaning or find yourself in need of professional assistance, these tips will streamline your preparation:

Declutter Your Space

Identify clutter hotspots throughout your home, tackling items that no longer serve a purpose. From overstuffed closets to cluttered countertops, begin this process first as it makes the rest of your cleaning easier. Decide if it’s time for a run to the San Francisco dump or a Goodwill drop-off. Don’t forget Recology allows annual large item pick-ups. You can learn more about requesting them here.

Polish Those Windows

Revitalize your home's ambiance by cleaning windows and screens if you have them. Many San Francisco homes are blessed with beautiful large bay windows, now is the time to let them shine. Additionally, pay attention to curtains and blinds. Ensure they are clean and let in plenty of natural light.

Wall TLC: Touch Up or Repaint

Bid farewell to unsightly scuffs and scratches by touching up your walls with leftover paint. Alternatively, consider a fresh coat of paint to invigorate your home's aesthetic appeal, opting for neutral tones that resonate with potential buyers. Do you need a local recommendation for a reputable painter? Let us know. We have worked with several locally vetted vendors that have done a good job.

Dust Hard-to-Reach Areas

Oh, San Francisco Victorians and Edwardians! We love your crown moldings. However, you are a magnet for dust along with your baseboards and ceiling fans. Ensure every nook and cranny receives attention for a polished finish.

Deep Clean Your Carpets. Decide if it’s time to refinish the Hardwood Floors

Elevate the appearance of your carpets by using a carpet rake to lift the pile before spot-treating and shampooing. While rental carpet cleaners are available, opting for professional cleaning services often yields optimal results. Well-used hardwood floors can be brought back to life. Refinishing the floors can be a solid investment before sale. Discuss with your real estate agent if it’s right for you. You can see some before and after examples here.

Tackle Grout Stains

Goodbye grout. Combat stubborn grout stains with a mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap. This environmentally conscious solution can restore the luster of kitchen and bathroom tiles, enhancing overall cleanliness as well as your arm strength.

Illuminate Your Space

Now with the windows sparkling, it’s time to replace any burnt-out bulbs to illuminate dim spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Adequate lighting contributes to a welcoming atmosphere and improves curb appeal. New light fixtures are an affordable fixture worth considering when it’s time to sell. Speak with your realtor or an interior designer about what’s right for your home and what today's buyers are looking for.

Degrease Kitchen Surfaces

Combat grease buildup on kitchen walls, cabinets, and backsplashes to rejuvenate your culinary space. Additionally, give appliances like refrigerators and stoves a thorough wipe-down for a pristine appearance.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Elevate your home's exterior by tidying up landscaping elements such as mowing the lawn, clearing debris, and pruning shrubs. New mulch and plants this Spring will bring color and life to your home. Power washing the driveway and sidewalk will create a great first impression. 

Seek Expert Guidance

Consult with a seasoned real estate professional to gain valuable insights tailored to your specific home and market. Their expertise can offer invaluable guidance on optimizing your home's appeal to potential buyers and ensuring any renovations made will translate toward your sale.

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