Bayview District San Francisco Market Update

June 4, 2024

Bayview District San Francisco Market Update

Bayview District San Francisco Market Update

In May, 7 homes sold in the Bayview District with a Median sale point of $875,000. On average, these homes spent 39 days on the market, resulting in over $6.115M in gross sales. The median closed price per square foot was $819.06.


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Real estate statistics for San Francisco's Bayview neighborhood reveal a dynamic and evolving market with unique opportunities for both buyers and investors. As you navigate this vibrant area, it's essential to understand the local trends and factors influencing property values. For those eager to explore more about Bayview, including its rich culture and fantastic dining options, check out our next blog post: Tasting Bayview: A Local’s Culinary Journey Through the 94124. Dive into the heart of Bayview and discover some of the best places to eat and experience the true flavor of the neighborhood.

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