Guide to San Francisco's Best-Kept Secret: Diamond Heights the Hilltop Haven

March 26, 2024

Guide to San Francisco's Best-Kept Secret: Diamond Heights the Hilltop Haven

Guide to San Francisco's Best-Kept Secret: Diamond Heights the Hilltop Haven

The Diamond Heights neighborhood, bordered by Noe Valley and Glen Park, stretches organically over three peaks. The area underwent significant development starting in 1948 under the vision of the SF Urban Research Planning Association where homes and infrastructure were designed to work with, rather than against, the existing topography. We see evidence of this today with its iconic terraced housing, houses on stilts, and the preservation of panoramic views and natural landscapes. Taking a drive through this neighborhood, you will notice the roads curve around the natural hills, and the homes are, for the most part, a trip back to the 1960s when most were designed and built. Take a turn down Gold Mine Drive, and you will come across 260 Gold Mine, a handsome four-bedroom, three-bath home built in 1968 that takes advantage of the panoramic views and natural light.

260 Gold Mine Drive, San Francisco, CA 94131
Listed: $2,895,000
4 Bed | 3 Bath |  2,597 SqFt  | Built 1968

Click here to view property details and open house schedule.

On your journey, watch for the 100 or so Joe Eichler buildings from the early 1960s that line the street. The Eichlers have seven different floor plans and range from split levels to two—to three-story homes, some with atriums.

*Diamond Heights Eichler

Park Life in Diamond Heights

Diamond Heights is unique despite its central San Francisco setting, with abundant green spaces and recreational facilities. Walter Haas Playground and Christopher Playground provide plenty of chances for outdoor fun, and just nearby lies the expansive Glen Canyon Park, spanning over 70 acres. Here, you can explore hiking trails, take leisurely nature walks, and spot nesting Great Horned Owls, Red Tail Hawks, and Coyotes. If you tread lightly, you might be fortunate to encounter the elusive San Francisco fork-tailed damselfly or catch a glimpse of the endangered San Francisco garter snake and Mission blue butterfly.

Location, Location, Location in Diamond Heights

Life in Diamond Heights can be quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of other areas, but that's not to say boring. Diamond Heights is within walking distance of Noe Valley, Outer Church, and Glen Canyon shopping areas. Even closer lies the Diamond Heights shopping center with a Safeway, Post Office, Walgreens, a cafe, bar, and Chinese restaurant. Mollie Stones and several other store options can be found nearby on Portola. Consider the use of an electric bicycle to tackle the hills. Bus routes serve the area and are easy to use. Plan on connecting to another line to expand your reach even further. 

Why is it called Diamond Heights?

Its name originates from the prominent Diamond Street, which climbs its Eastern slopes and winds into the neighborhood's central portion.

So, if you're considering making Diamond Heights your sweet home, you're in for a treat! This neighborhood isn't just a place to live; it's a lifestyle. With its rich history, iconic architecture, and breathtaking natural beauty, Diamond Heights has something unique. Feel the draw of its terraced housing, the allure of mid-century design, and the tranquility of its parks and green spaces. So why wait? Explore Diamond Heights and see why so many proudly call it home. You might find your dream home nestled among the hills and winding streets.


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