What is a PEAD Form?

March 18, 2021

Real estate agents are no strangers to numerous forms of legal documents. A big part of our job is ensuring your real estate transactions are legally sound, binding, and your investment is intact. Each form we have our clients fill may look somewhat mundane but they all have their own interesting and often legally complicated history before they were drafted. 


The PEAD form is a recent addition to the deluge of forms a homebuyer needs to sign. Luckily, this form is temporary and fingers crossed not be around much longer.


The PEAD form is the latest requirement for San Francisco home Seller’s and Buyer’s to enter San Francisco properties during COVID. It ensures agents and their clients are adhering to the California Association of Realtors and CDC guidelines for COVID safety.


PEAD stands for PROPERTY ENTRY ADVISORY AND DECLARATION. This form became mandatory in early 2020 and remains so today.

The Property Entry Advisory and Declaration (PEAD) form is given to and signed by the seller, buyer, agents and anyone else who will be entering the property. The buyer’s agent needs to have all home visitors sign this document PRIOR to any home visit.



As a listing agent is the PEAD form mandatory during the pandemic?

Yes – it is the agent’s responsibility to ensure compliance with all safety recommendations. 

As a buyers agent, do I have to have the PEAD forms signed by my clients?

Yes. It is the agent’s responsibility to have this signed prior to entry.

Does EVERYONE entering the home have to sign the PEAD form?

Yes. Every person entering the property must sign the PEAD form.

I’m visiting more than one property with my agent. Do I have to sign a PEAD for each property?

Not necessarily. One form may be used for more than one property on the date the form is signed, provided a copy is delivered to each listing Broker / Property Manager.

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